Welcome to Alzheimer Fest 2020


The healthy joy of movement, the discovery of the slowness: the appointment is for everyone, this year, in Emilia Romagna, side by side with friends of Maratona Alzheimer, with the freedom to let the brain pick up the sloth’s pace, or the cheetah one, and crave for a dip (and a nap afterward) in a SEA OF…

friendship water art persons fish anger sand life medicine books dance movies dignity indignation delicacies caregivers justice sport philosophy boats architectures games poetry therapists dancers tenderness cantors care… and a lot of non-loneliness


Stretch your brain

The marathon’s contest, a serious and real run starting on Monday 13th september with more than 3000 runners, it is the right occasion to point the Fest’s bow toward shared havens, ready to welcome everyone, sick or healthy: the capital place of the movement (in each moment of life, age, meteo or neuro condition), the physical activity as a brain reflection, feet and neurons, arms and thoughts, the road and the trip as leisure and necessity, the well-being of the body (more or less rusty), the mobility that rhymes with co-morbidity.

Speed and slowness from the point of view of those who experiment life brake (or speed up) in sight of the goal. Loneliness as collective and individual burden, unaccettable boulder to push by all means.

Welfare and responsability

Alzheimer and other dementias oblige our society to a natural and extraordinary change of pace, a quick sprint of imagination and a marathon of perseverance, to consciousness as a firm grip (but kind at he same time), to a real public service and an attentive care (but never stifling) for everyone, proud (we can say it) to be somehow fragile. The inextinguishable right to citizenship in every moment and condition, the quest for happiness as inalienable right.

Parco di Levante

Let’s move, baby!

Oh, yes. This year by the sea.  After the lake (first edition, Gavirate 2017), the mountains (second edition, Levico Terme 2018) and the plain (third edition, Treviso 2019), the fourth edition of Alzheimer Fest welcomes us beached in the Cesenatico’s paradise.  Beached not for real, because a lot of movement is awaiting for us.

Cesenatico will be the dynamic dock for the whole Emilia Romagna mooring (beginning with Cesena). The chance is perfect: the ninth edition of Maratona Alzheimer, a charity sporting event organized by the association “Amici di Casa Insieme” in order to support solidarity projects and to raise awareness in the society about needs and dreams of persons with dementia.

The opening is Friday 11th (with a theatrical prologue the 10th evening): Alzheimer Fest will pitch the tents not far away from their Basecamp, in the beautiful Parco di Levante (close to the sea) everyone ready for a dive, a stroll to the dock, a walk in the city center… There’s place for everyone, dedicated spaces and facilities, no worries to stumble on each other’s feet with friends runners but the joy to meet each other wanting to do (or imagine) together.

Se-A-thon: emotions at sea (but on the shore too)

The ingredients that make Alzheimer Fest an original and unique appointment in Italy and in Europe, are all set there: art, music, medicine, culture and – above all – the joy to come together without any fear, healthy ones and a-bit-less-healthy, for a short holiday at the end of the summer, so to give a voice to emotions without forgetting the problems. With the idea to stretch a bit the legs, the brain and the heart. In Cesenatico even the ones with a memory a bit off, or a flickering one, will find permanent traces of life (and lovely, fragrant piadine). Everyone will find someone else to rely on: as sand grains, all similar, all different.

Parco di Levante

So, Let’s move, baby! Under the flag Dignity and Indignation. Alzheimer Fest and Maratona Alzheimer together to overcome apathy, resignation, the let’s-look-the-other-way because there’s nothing more to do. There’s a lot to do (and is done already), ther’s a journey to continue, there are fishing lights in the night. For those who live with an illness that often closes the horizon between walls, that big sea that moves night and day is worth – alone – a big part of the party.